Think Like An Avalanche - The Art of Surviving in Avalanche Country was a documentary developed by John Plummer for the United States Forest Service.

This sequence was developed for the United State Forest Service “Think Like an Avalanche” film. This in depth 48 minute documentary showcases avalanches, forecasters, mountain guides, and extreme skiers and riders demonstrating how to Think Like an Avalanche and survive in avalanche country. This video is a survival guide for those that wish to venture into the backcountry of mountainous terrain in winter conditions.

The animation in this video combined the use of 3d Studio Max and Photoshop.

The film was developed in conjunction with Avalanche Center director Doug Abromeit. “Think like an avalanche” was produced by the USDA Forest Service National Avalanche Center in cooperation with the American Avalanche Association and the American Avalanche Advisory fund.

Gary Wilson

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